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3D Touch Interactive Whiteboard  


3D Touch Interactive System combine with any projector (including long or short throw) creates a fully interactive screen.
It supports up to 70-80’’screen from the distance of only 0.8-1m. ( Larger screens are also compatible when camera is positioned accordingly. )
3D Touch Interactive System supports Automatic Calibration, Remote Writing and with specially developed TBoard software this system fully supports all the needs from education to business clients. 
3D Touch Interactive System is the first to support Mulit-Writing with capabilities with an unlimited amount of users.
3D Touch Interactive System works on any surface.
Remote Writing with Laser Pen: Users can interactive with the screen by touch with the pens provided or using the bundled remote laser pointer from any distance.


Automatic calibration, Calibration is easy and simple, it takes just 4-5 seconds to complete, no matter what size screen, Calibration is only required once unless you change the screen size or area in which the screen is projected.
Perfect for any surface. You can write on any surface, such as the wall, blackboard, or LCD screen.
Portable, easy to transport and Install. Works with any brand projector and installation is flexible. Clients will appreciated the retrofit solution to bring down the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)

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