ABT Computers

 Enterprise Computing

(Servers, Storage Arrays, Financial infrastructure, Supercomputing, Data Warehousing)

Enterprise storage and computing applications have demanding performance and reliability requirements, and the TCO is a major factor. Enterprise storage systems making use of traditional hard drives have performance bottleneck and cost limitations, and with SSD drives that offer near instantaneous data transfer and reduced power consumption.


(Servers, Security, Routers/Gateways, Communications)
Our range of solid state storage and customized server power supplies that are designed to be extremely high performance, ultra reliable, and cost effective. The solid state drive solutions can be further customized to be used as cache solutions for communications applications.


(Industrial Electronics, Portable Computing, Storage)
Unlike traditional PC platform computing industrial applications may require very unique customization to be utilized in machinery and industrial data storage,flexibility of customizing solutions with a wide range of form factors and interfaces, and can even build proprietary designs with locked bom's for clients requiring a long term fixed solution.



(Storage, Field Computing, Higher Learning)
In many government and education applications a premium is placed on reliability, security, and total cost of ownership. "green friendly" when it comes to ease of maintenance and power usage. Because SSDs have no moving parts they are more reliable in the field when paired with Gov/Ed mobile applications.


(Embedded into Medical devices)
To increase reliability in medical equipment manufacturers are able to leverage the reliability and performance benefits of SSD drives. These drives can be integrated into a wide range of monitoring and data logging devices and the smaller SSD drives require much less cooling and offer easy integration and service in the field.

Professional Media

(Audio/Video capture and editing, design, storage)
Professional Audio/Video capturing and editing puts a strain on conventional spinning hard drive media and when it comes to streaming HD content SSD drives far surpass traditional drives in performance and reliability. SSD drives are also more rugged making them more durable for on the go professional media applications.