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WinFast VP200 zero client   solution allows enterprise PCs and workstations to be centrally managed   in a data center while providing high resolution, full frame rate 3D graphics   and HD media, with full USB peripheral interoperability, locally over a LAN or   remotely over a high-latency WAN.

WinFast VP200 zero client solution    enables the practical consolidation of all IT resources into a data center,   eliminates the need for desktop workstations, PCs and thin clients, and delivers   an uncompromised user experience to each desk, anywhere, without incurring the   security risks associated with transmitting data across a network or having data   reside in remote PCs.

WinFast VP200 zero client solution   resolves the challenges of provisioning, managing, maintaining and securing   enterprise desktops, offering a true, uncompromised computing experience for the   end-user, while supporting the efficiency and security of centralized computing.   TCO is significantly reduced.


PCoIP Technology explained
PCoIP technology – three essential features.View demo


PCoIP Hardware Zero Client
PCoIP sends host rendered pixels only (not data) to simple, stateless, secure zero clients.                 

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PCoIP® Management Console
Manage an entire enterprise deployment of PCoIP® devices from a single screen.
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